Steve Garland, Sacramento, CA

" Staci is one of the best female voice talents in the business today.  She pays close attention to detail and has an amazing voice quality that's both versatile and smooth. I've hired Staci multiple times-she's been my assistant program director, imaging director, midday and afternoon air personality, and voice over talent for many client projects. Today, she continues to be the first female voice talent I turn to for work with my clients. Staci is a one woman voice production army! She grades out A+ "

Robert Grossman, Los Angeles, CA

" I just hired Staci to work on a project for my company. She was terrific and I would strongly recommend her. She helped us make high-profile video communicate in such a way that the audience was touched, moved and inspired. Thank you Staci. "

Anthony Reece, Fort Collins, CO

"Staci is one of those female voice talents you can rely on every time. She literally is a "chick that rocks". (You'll get that joke later). She is one of my go to talent. Clients NEVER ask for another talent once they hear her smooth, silky voice. Want great - timely results? Hire her. "


Larisa Bryski, Executive Director, "Girls Rock Sacramento", CA

 "I served as Director of a summer rock program for youth musicians and when I needed someone thoughtful and professional to conduct backstage on-camera interviews with the kids, Staci was my absolute first choice. She would take great care in not only making them feel like true rock stars by asking them fun and interesting questions, but she had an uncanny ability to make even the most nervous kid feel at ease on camera.  Since then, I’ve taken on the role as Executive Director of Girls Rock Sacramento, a local nonprofit organization that works to empower girls through music education and performance. It is a summer camp program culminating with a big concert for friends and family and I could think of no more perfect person to emcee the event than Staci. She handled the massive task perfectly, with the natural strength and grace that her voice carries, and a warm and friendly demeanor that was endearing to the audience." 

Joan M. Borucki, Director, California Lottery


"Dear Staci, I would like to recognize and thank you for the good work you have performed on behalf of the California Lottery for the last 6 years. Your dedication and reliability has been unparalleled. Each and every Wednesday and Saturday night, you have delivered the SuperLOTTO Plus winning numbers to Californians with excitement and gusto! Your efforts have contributed to the Lottery's ability to deliver millions of dollars in support of California public school students."

Michael J. Hernandez, Sacramento, CA

  "I highly recommend Staci's commercial production service and her talent services for Voice-over TV and radio commercials. I've used Staci for my clients over the years and found her to be a very responsive and dependable person. Plus, she's just great to work with and does fabulous work! Thanks, Staci!"  

Ron Anderson (no relation), Bloomington, IL

 "We selected Staci as the female imaging voice in a two-voice (male and female) plan for our Variety Hits radio station, 97.9 BOB FM.  Every step was handled with courtesy and professionalism. Even in cases of non-traditional content, Staci made sure what she delivered for us was tailored to meet our needs.  I would hire Staci again for any number of radio formats, for product imaging or character voiceovers."   

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